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Bombay Duck London

Introducing the UK’s First Dedicated Scent Critic

Jo Fairley - Scent Critic Extaordinaire

We are very pleased to announce that Jo Fairley has taken on the delicious task of writing The Scent Critic.  She will be posting regularly on all aspects of the fragrance industry from a uniquely British point of view, including her own passionate take on the experience of perfume and how it affects our senses.

Jo Fairley is the UK’s first online scent critic, and will be posting her impressions of the arcane, mysterious, rewarding and essential world of fragrance. Her illustrious career as a journalist has included being the youngest ever editor of a major glossy magazine, the launching of the ineffable Green & Black chocolate brand and her series of seminal Beauty Bibles.

Jo writes:  ’Scent has been a lifelong passion, right from the moment I first crushed a rose geranium leaf in my grandmother’s greenhouse’. We are delighted she is bringing that passion and infectious warmth to The Scent Critic.

See ‘About Jo Fairley’ for more information.



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