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Bombay Duck London

Givenchy Eaudemoiselle

I’d categorise this under a ‘first day at work’ fragrance.   You’re nervous.  You want to make a good impression, and not to stick your head above the parapet lest you make a fool of yourself.  Your crisp white shirt is ironed, your heels not too tall, your iPhone carefully switched to silent.  And if you want to spritz on something that is light, airy and won’t scare the horses (or your new boss), this is worth a go.  (I guess it could also be worn to school for the same reason, though for obvious reasons Givenchy aren’t pitching it quite that young.)  You might, from the beautiful advert – all cool, mysteriously shade trees and glassy pond (and a strangely sulky-looking girl in a black cloak that’s decidedly incongruous for a summer fragrance) – imagine this is going to be all green and mossy, when in fact it’s a light, soft floral, vaguely reminiscent of Guerlain’s Idylle.  (But without the opulent richness.)  Blink and you’ll miss the promised top notes:  mandarin, Italian winter lemon, and green shiso (a.k.a. Japanese basil, which does give a herby twist to the debut).  The dewy Turkish rose heart notes are what really dominate Eaudemoiselle, nudging almost everything else aside and – an echo of that ad – there is an intriguing ‘wetness’ to the fragrance, at this mid-stage. At moments I’m reminded of Cacharel’s Eden, and – in the style of Amazon’s reviews – if you liked that, you’ll probably like this.  (They’re both floral-aquatic.)  On me, it ultimately goes predominantly woody – pencil-esque cedar traces, but not much of the promised musk, tonka bean and sweet ambrette seed on my skin.  Perfectly pretty and certainly feminine, it never overpowers – a ‘safe’ scent, in line with the recent fragrance trend, almost certainly reflecting these recessionary times when brands flinched from being too different, daring and in-your-face (or in-your-nostrils), lest they made an expensive mistake.  What I do absolutely love about this is the beautiful ribbed flacon – decidedly chic, distinctly dressing-table worthy.  Or maybe that should be desk-worthy.  Yup, even on your first day.



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