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Chanel Sycomore

My name is The Scent Critic and I am a vetiveraholic.  I can never get enough of this earthy, sensual, deeply stirring fragrance ingredient, which I’ve been enraptured by since I used to wear Guerlain’s Vetiver.  Yes, I know that technically it’s a men’s fragrance (and I dated several who wore it), but for me, vetiver has always had a wonderful grounding, tethering effect.  It’s about planting my feet on terra firma when my head has been too long in the clouds.  However, this is obviously a week for inappropriate names:  after Marc Jacobs’s un-biscotti­-like Biscotti, I bring you Chanel’s un-sycamore-like Sycomore.  Allegedly, this is a reworking of an old Chanel fragrance that dates back to 1930, when Gabrielle Chanel – whose charcoal portrait you can see, left – was creating the whole category of ‘designer’ fragrances.  But Jacques Polge and Christopher Sheldrake’s creation is totally contemporary:  clean, minimalist, like an apartment with white leather Knoll sofas, a bare wood floor – and a chunky log fire crackling in the grate.  It’s designed to be worn by women – but I would swoon at the feet of any man whose neck I smelled it on.  This is a fragrance which I don’t mind admitting that every time I’m within 250 yards of a Chanel boutique (or Selfridges), I dash in for a fix of.  I spray it on my clothes.  I all but drench myself in it.  My pashminas reek of Sycomore now – and I get very strange looks from the Chanel sales assistants (though I do not care one jot) when I stand in front of the Les Exclusifs fixture and spray and spray and spray.  (I told you I was an addict.)  I tuck scent-drenched Sycomore spills in my hardback books, too, for serendipitous woody encounters somewhere in the future.

Intensely smoky as well as vetiver-ish, Sycomore is the perfume equivalent of my favourite Lapsang Souchong, in its so-chic chunky bottle.  It’s campfire-y.  There’s a breath of tar, evoking those road-resurfacing boilers.  (Beside which I have also been known to stand, like a mad person, breathing the fumes.)  And the merest air-kiss of incense, too, with hints of cedarwood and sandalwood (two other favourite base notes, The Scent Critic not being a musk devotee).  All wood, then.  All smoke, too.  Not a white flower within 100 paces of this (and it’s all the better for that, if you ask me, although there’s alleged to be a touch of violet – a note, actually, not a million miles from vetiver itself on a perfumer’s ‘organ’).  Some people tell me they get a whiff of tobacco from Sycomore, but uh-uh, as far as I’m concerned.  Instead, I find breathing it almost meditative, as calming to my senses as sitting in an utterly quiet room, lotus-positioned.  (Perhaps that explains why, I’m compelled to head Chanel-wards for my Sycomore spritz, to counterbalance inner city mayhem.)  What rounds it out – stops Sycomore being too dry, too smoky – is a rich chocolate-y edge, rendering it even more luxuriantly sensual as it smoulders on the skin.

With all those deep, earthy notes, on paper Sycomore ought to be a winter fragrance – but I like this on a hot summer’s day, when for me it’s just like stepping out of the blinding sunlight into a cool, dark forest.  Now, I’m too much of a princess ever to lie on pine and larch needles, staring up at the arborial canopy – and too much of a wimp, frankly, to spend a night in a sleeping bag around a roaring fire, even in the most glamping of camping situations.  But Sycomore makes me feel as close-to-nature, as feel-the-earth-beat-under-my-feet as if I was doing just that.  For me, that’s the miracle of a true vetiver fragrance – of which Sycomore is one of the finest examples I figure I’m going to encounter, in this lifetime.



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  • morenita71

    I just turned 40 and wanted a special perfume to treat myself. I spent a few months trying different things but this is what I fell in love with. My experience in Selfridges wasn’t great; they kept steering me to more feminine fragrances or things that are similar to what I told them I wore already – the original Cristalle EDT. I’m saving this for daywear in Autumn, my favourite season. As an aside, the first luxury fragrance I wore was also a ‘man’s fragrance’ – Tuscany for Men. Crazily I then went through a phase of wearing really strong Oriental fragrances – Opium, Coco, Cinnabar, Obsession (early 90s) and now I really want something grown up and sexy for the evening I can’t find anything I like which doesn’t give me a headache! Great review of Sycomore though…

  • Ali Fox

    Try a few dabs of Vetivert essential oil with a light spray of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver over the top – dusky, dark and sublime. I’m blending a few of my own at the moment – all Vet based,

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