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Jimmy Choo Eau de Parfum

Ah, Jimmy Choo.  Shoes-of-choice for slinky-limbed aristos, WAGs and fashionistas.  (Not for The Scent Critic, however, who – confession time – is more of an Ecco/Chie Mahara girl.)  It was only a matter of time before Tamara Mellon OBE brought out a perfume, so that all those aspiring women who long to fill specially-built shoe cupboards with Jimmy Choo heels can get their hands on a little bit of what has become one of the Great British Brand Successes.  The shoes, of course, are legendarily easy-to-wear.  Can the same be said of this fragrance?

Yes, I’d say.  The first sherbet rush gives it a slightly ‘young’ vibe – not so much a zoosh as, blimey, a whoosh!!! – of sparkling aldehyde topnotes – but blink, and it comes over all stretch-limo-powered Knightsbridge sophistication.  Technically, Jimmy Choo is a chypre, that most elegant of fragrance types – though only vaguely so, to The Scent Critic’s nostrils:  more vanilla-y than you’d expect from a chypre, in the dry-down, and fruitier, too, with a pear note – which gives a crisp, green edge as this revs up.

And rev up it does.  The mid-notes sashay in so smoothly, and sweetly:   a true gourmand caramel element – not Harrogate toffee, but much chic-er salted caramels.  At its heart, this is even a little powdery.  According to the people at Jimmy Choo, there’s an element of ‘tiger orchid’ in there, as well as jasmine – but the cotton candy element wins out over exoticism, for me.

Personally, I get resonances here of quite a few other scents – it’s a bit like spotting people you half-know, at a party, and struggling to remember their name, but eventually I nail what my brain is searching for:  a dash of Chanel Allure Sensuelle and a little bit of Narciso Rodriguez here.  Like those, this is flirtatiously feminine and somewhat ‘sheer’ – destined to appeal not just on this side of the Atlantic, but Stateside, where this sort of somewhat ‘safe’ scent goes down very, very well.

By ‘safe’, do I mean ‘boring’?  Well, er, no.  But nor is it super-daring, for the simple reason that Tamara Mellon is extremely savvy, and wants her fragrance to appeal as widely as possible.  (And it will.)  Ms. Mellon, who’s  barely put a beautifully-shod foot wrong in her business career, went straight to the top to create her first scent:  to Olivier Polge (son of Chanel’s Jacques, and an A-list ‘nose’ in his own right).  The result is soft and sensual, but not knock-your-socks-off sexy.  In shoe terms, it’s a kitten heel, not a six-inch platform.  Definitely not a foot fetishist’s fragrance.  (We’ll leave it to Christian Louboutin to fill that niche, if he ever puts HIS name to a scent.)

The bottle is just darned gorgeous, though.  Yes, I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the point of fragrance is that the bottle’s integral to the whole ‘package’.  Grenade-shaped, multi-faceted (in the palest tawny lingerie pink), it’s actually inspired by Murano glass – and feels satisfyingly hefty.  Any dressing table would look better-dressed, with a bottle of Jimmy Choo.

I like this best as it warms and mellows on the skin.  Little ambery whiffs.  A fuzzy muskiness (a tad Donna Karan Cashmere Mist, that).  The vanilla tiptoes in from the wings now, too.  No room-rocker, this is to be enjoyed up-close-and-personal, purring quietly in the background like a well-fed, well-loved pedigree Persian cat.  (I don’t mean that this smells of cat, no way:  simply that it has all the sensuality of stroking your hand along deep, warm, fur.)

I must admit, when I first heard Jimmy Choo was to be embodied in a fragrance, I imagined it would be heavy on the leather notes.  I was wrong:  they’re are entirely absent in this composition.  But then leather notes are complicated, and divisive, and shoe-lovers – Choo-lovers – are more likely to love this just the way it is.  Thus Miss Mellon – though she hardly needs it – almost certainly has another hit on her hands.

Or should that be feet…?



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  • We use WYSIWYG – couldn’t code with HTML. This is a WordPress blog; I have several (our site is WordPress), and it couldn’t be easier. No need to be able to code (although you can switch to a coded ‘view’ of the page which is quite a good way to LEARN code!)

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