How Big is 1 Ounce of Perfume?

When it comes to buying perfume, you may be wondering how much product you’re actually getting. One ounce of perfume is a common size for many brands, but just how…

Scent Critic’s Guide to Plum by Mary Greenwell

So when she turned her considerable talents to the world of fragrance in 2010, the world waited in rapt anticipation. Would she play it safe, given her lack of experience in the olfactory medium, or would she go for the gusto in the same manner she’s known for in makeup?

Why Jo Malone Peony & Moss is the perfect spring scent

For a fragance to perfectly capture the essence of spring, it must encompass these feelings—optimism tempered by realism yet overcoming it … the earth itself coming back to life, its soils and streams unlocked from their freeze, birthing the heat and smells that come from motion renewed.