How to Get Rid of Stink Bug Smell

Stink bugs are a nuisance, but the smell they emit can be even more unpleasant. If you’ve recently encountered stink bugs in your home or garden, you may be wondering how to get rid of the smell that lingers after they’re gone. Here are some tips for getting rid of stink bug smell:

Identify and remove stink bugs

The first step in eliminating stink bug odor is to identify and remove any remaining bugs from your home or garden. Stink bugs release their pungent odor as a defense mechanism when disturbed, so it’s important to take care when handling them. Wear gloves if possible and use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment designed for small insects like stink bugs. Make sure to empty the vacuum bag immediately after vacuuming up any stink bugs so their odors don’t linger in your house.

Clean affected areas thoroughly

Once all the stinkbugs have been removed, it’s time to clean affected areas thoroughly using soap and water or other cleaning products that contain enzymes such as those found in pet stain removers or laundry detergents designed for removing odors from fabrics. Pay special attention to carpets, furniture, curtains, bedding and other fabric surfaces where stink bug smells may linger long after the actual insects have been removed. It’s also important to wash clothing items that may have come into contact with these smelly pests as soon as possible before their odor has had a chance to set in permanently.

Use natural odor neutralizers

There are several natural ways you can neutralize odors caused by stinky pests like stinkbugs without resorting to harsh chemical sprays or air fresheners that simply mask bad smells instead of eliminating them completely. Baking soda is one of the most effective natural deodorizers because it absorbs moisture which helps eliminate musty smells caused by dampness along with bad odors from pets, smoke and other sources including stinky pests like skunks and yes – even pesky little stinkbugs! Sprinkle baking soda directly on carpets or furniture where there is evidence of insect activity then let sit overnight before vacuuming up excess powder residue left behind afterwards (make sure not leave baking soda on fabrics too long as this could lead discoloration). You can also make an all-natural air freshener spray using essential oils such as lavender oil mixed with distilled water which will help neutralize offensive aromas while providing a pleasant scent throughout your home at same time!

Enlist professional advice

If none of these methods seem effective at getting rid of stubbornly persistent bad smells caused by pesky little critters like skunks or especially nasty smelling ones like those emitted by certain types of beetles (including our friend –the dreaded “stinkbug”) then it might be time enlist professional assistance from pest control companies who specialize in dealing with these types infestations quickly & efficiently using specialized equipment & techniques developed specifically for this purpose! They’ll be able assess situation better than anyone else & provide best advice regarding next steps needed take ensure problem doesn’t return again anytime soon…so don’t hesitate call them today if need help getting rid once & all!


No one wants their homes invaded by smelly pests like skunks or worse yet -stinking beetles known affectionately (or not!) As “stinkbugs” but sometimes despite our best efforts these critters find way inside anyway leaving behind an unpleasant reminder long after they’ve gone…fortunately though there are several things we can do ourselves reduce/eliminate lingering odours including identifying & removing any remaining insects followed up thorough cleaning affected areas plus utilizing natural deodorizing agents such baking soda & essential oils make sure problem doesn’t return again anytime soon! And if still having trouble getting ride nasty olfactory reminders then don’t hesitate enlist professional assistance either–they’ll know exactly what needs done ensure issue gets resolved quickly effectively without further hassle down road…good luck everyone!!