What to Do with Old Body Spray: A Guide for the Fragrance-Conscious

We’ve all been there: you open up your bathroom cabinet and find an old, forgotten bottle of body spray. It’s a familiar sight, but what do you do with it? Should you throw it away or try to make use of it in some way? In this article, we’ll explore the various options available for dealing with old body spray.

The benefits of reusing old body spray

Reusing old body spray has several advantages over throwing it away. Not only does reusing save on resources and help reduce waste, but doing so can also be a great way to save money by getting more out of your existing products. Additionally, using up older products can help keep your collection organized and prevent clutter from building up in your bathroom cabinet.

Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Body Spray

Use as Air Freshener: One creative way to repurpose old body spray is by using it as an air freshener! Simply spritz a bit into the air every now and then for a pleasant fragrance throughout your home or office space. Just remember that if you have pets or small children in the house, avoid using scents that may be too strong for them.

Create Your Own Scented Candles: Another great idea is to create homemade scented candles using old body sprays! All you need are some wax melts (available at most craft stores) and wicks (which can be purchased online). Then simply melt down the wax melts according to package directions and add a few drops of body spray before pouring into candle molds or jars (make sure they are heat resistant!). Allow them time to cool before lighting – voila! You have custom-scented candles made from recycled materials!

Make Room Sprays/Linen Sprays: If candles aren’t really your thing, why not try making room sprays or linen sprays instead? This is another easy project that requires just a few simple ingredients like water, witch hazel extract (available at health food stores), essential oils (optional) – plus any leftover body sprays you may have lying around! Simply mix everything together in an empty spray bottle and shake well before each use; these make great gifts too!

DIY Perfume/Cologne: Finally, why not get creative and make your own perfume or cologne? All you need is some rubbing alcohol (available at drugstores) plus any combination of essential oils/body sprays that appeal to you – experiment until you find something unique that suits your individual taste! Once mixed together in equal parts within an empty glass container with lid secure tightly shut when not in use; store away from direct sunlight for best results.


When faced with what do do about those forgotten bottles of old body spray lurking about our bathrooms cabinets – don’t despair – there are plenty of ways we can reuse them rather than tossing them out altogether. From creating homemade scented candles or room/linen sprays – even making our own signature perfumes & colognes – there’s no shortage of ideas when it comes repurposing those leftovers into something useful once again; saving both money & resources while having fun along the way too!